We will pre-install WordPress at no cost

How WordPress works

WordPress is a popular software for building websites. You can get a free account at wordpress.com and try it out. WordPress can also be installed on an independent server, and that’s where we come in. We install WordPress on commercial servers, offer managed hosting in Canada, and specialize in responsive design. A responsive WordPress design ensures your site will re-size and re-configure to look good on any kind of display, from cell phones and tablets to desktop monitors.

We can design and develop a simple 5-6 page WordPress site or a more complex sites with hundreds of pages and numerous custom menus. Every client and every project is very different.

Who should have a WordPress site?

We strongly recommend WordPress sites for people who want to:

  • improve their search engine optimization results
  • edit and update their own sites
  • build up their site over time by adding new pages and/or blog posts
  • have their site display properly on mobile devices

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