Getting started with WordPress

Good morning. This is John from Kits Media. This tutorial is ‘How to get started using WordPress.
When you receive a hosting plan from us it will have the latest version WordPress pre-installed and will display the latest WordPress bundled Theme.As of this video, that theme is Twenty Twenty and it looks like this.
Quite likely, if you are just getting started you will want a different look to your site and the easiest way to do that is to change the theme.

  1. First, login to the admin dashboard using the credentials provided by Kitsilano Hosting.
  2. This is always done by appending wp-admin to your site URL. In this demonstration: ‘’
  3. This is the Admin Dashboard.
  4. Start by completing some basic settings before looking at theme optionms.
  5. In the lefthand column go to appearance click on ‘customize’.
  6. The first setting to change is ‘Site Identity’
  7. The existing title will be from the initial info you gave Kitsilano Hosting. You can change it here. Also change the tagline or sub heading.
  8. Click Publish at the top and arrow to go to other options.
  9. The next important setting is Homepage settings. This depends on whether you want to use your site as a blog , your latest posts or regular website, static page. We are clicking static page.
  10. below are page options..the page that will show when a visitor comes to your site and the name of the page that will dislay your blog.
  11. One more initial change is permalinks. This displays the url in the browser window as yourdomain/the name of the page
  12. Close the customize window by clicking the X at the top
  13. The next important setting is permalinks
  14. Back on the admin dashboard sidebar go to settings click on permalinks. Choose 5th one down, Post name. Go to the bottom and click. save changes. Now we are ready to look at themes and content elements.