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BlueHost has ended its long policy of refunding balance of hosting accounts at anytime. They now only offer 30 days which is inline with almost every hosting company. NOT US!!! You can cancel at anytime and we will refund the balance!

No Cost SSL for Every Site

We agree with Google!! The entire web should be security encrypted. In the past this was just not cost effective. A simple SSL certificate often costing more than the hosting. Now thanks to Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) it is possible to provide basic domain verification certificates at NO COST. We have managed to configure […]

Scam domain expiration notices

WE get dozens of these because we have our email as the administration contact for domain names we register through This spam has been around a long time but they have tricked it up a bit to not violate the new Can-Spam regulations. If you read the grayed out text at the bottom it […]


Welcome Netgenus customers! It is our wish to seamlessly continue the level of service you have been receiving from Netgenus. We do not anticipate any change to your Netgenus hosting service for at least one year. You will be receiving new billing information from Kitsilano Hosting after June 30, 2015. If you would like to […]